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Swiss made watches

The watches from Christina Jewelry & Watches come with “Swiss Made Certificate”, the highest distinction in watchmaking. Worldwide, only 20% of men's or women's watches receive this certificate from the Swiss authorities, those who propelled horology to the highest level of art. This certifies that each watch meets the strict quality requirements imposed by the watch industry in Switzerland and can proudly wear the “Swiss Made” quality stamp. Our watches are made by hand, with great attention to details, so every buyer can enjoy a genuine jewelry.

What does SWISS MADE mean?

“Swiss Made” is a quality concept that includes technical (accuracy, reliability, water and shock resistance) and aesthetic attributes (elegance and design originality). It covers both traditional and new technologies (microelectronics) manufacturing.

In this regard, the law based on the Swiss quality concept requires that at least 50% of watches movement components are manufactured in Switzerland.

Some of the Swiss regions have their own titles regarding the watches "places of origin". One of the most famous is LUGANO, identified worldwide with the top-quality Swiss Made watches. All Christina watches wear the stamp of LUGANO Swiss Made.

With more than 400 years of experience in horology, the Swiss guarantee quality men's and women's watches, that last over years and years.

“Swiss Made” women watches

For more than 15 years, Christina Hembo has been working to design the most popular women's watches in the world. Known for her aesthetic sense and outstanding creativity, Christina gave to ladies women's watches with a unique concept – with a T-bar, they can create a Swiss Made watch from zero.

Add a leather strap or pendants attached to a personalized bracelet, change the regular dial disk with one that has gemstones and add elements and diamonds inside of the dial line.

Time is valuable, let your ears be comforted by the harmonious ticking of a Swiss Made women's watch!

Refined men's watches for intense personalities

To all gentlemen, Christina Hembo offers a remarkable concept through which they can personalize their watches according to their style and nature. Christina Diamonds men's watches are a journey to a magical story, where Swiss Made represents the highest status given to genuine, melodious ticking jewelry.

All men should have a swiss made watch as a statement of their strong nature.