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About Christina Diamonds

Christina Jewelry and Watches is Denmark's most loved jewelry and watch brand. Christina Diamonds is an authorized dealer and a dedicated ambassador. We are a young team from Romania who loves the Danish brand and tries to show it to the whole world. We choose to represent this brand after we fall in love with the innovative options to buils a Swiss Made watch. Christina Collect women's watches are the only ones in the world that you can create by using your imagination – from dial’s disk to the last pendant added to the leather strap. Without spending a fortune, you can afford wearing jewelry just like a star. And trust us, we will provide you the same quality as on the red carpet.

Speak up your story through charms which describe your personality and can be accessorized to a Swiss Made woman watch, leather bracelet, necklace or earrings.

So, every day you can have a brand new jewelry, a glimpse of the stories that await for life in your universe. Are you a fashionista, a mother or a career woman? No matter who you are, the charms will always vibrate with your personality and passions. Because imagination has no boundaries when you wish for a truly unique ring, we turn your ideas into reality.

You can have a new jewelry every single day, due to Christina Hembo's concept which gives you the opportunity to combine rings with different shapes, dimensions, and colors.

Spoil your soul with customized earrings and necklaces with your lucky pendants. In one move, you add to your necklace pendants you wore to your earrings, leather bracelet or reverse, and you enjoy a new jewelry every day.

Choose the lucky pendants that vibrate with your state of mind. Exclusively made by hand with amounts of love, Christina Diamond's online women's watches and jewelry are a promise to bring brilliance to the image of the owner. They add value to your personality and blow gold powder over your soul.

Christina Diamond's jewelry is designed for the unique moments of your life, not to be boxed and forgotten in your closet. Come into Christina Diamond's universe and let your imagination fly!

Men's watches with personality and attitude

The watch is the most important accessory for a man. This is why the men’s watches on our website are always Swiss Made and have accurate precision, are made manually by renowned masters and have inlaid genuine diamonds and other semiprecious stones (Top Wesselton VVS/ G). With an alluring and masculine design, the men's watches collection has been designed especially for you, the dynamic personality, always in the move and with a fashionable modern look.

A man's watch should inspire strength, highlight his personality and fit perfectly with his everyday style. If you are a man who wants to give time a value, now is your chance to enjoy a genuine Swiss Made watch, inlaid with diamonds, for quality times.

Men's / Women's watches and our jewelry are accompanied by:

  • - 2-year internationally valid warranty certificate;
  • - Swiss Made certificate – proves the origin of our watches collection
  • - Quality and originality certificates;
  • - Every watch is packed in a special box, designed exclusively by Christina Jewelry & Watches;
  • - Women's watches are packed in a luxurious white leather case and men's watches come in a square leather box, with a folding top.

Christina Jewelry & Watches story

If you have an idea you believe in 100%, just dare!

Christina Hembo, the designer of this brilliant jewelry, have always wanted to create luxury Swiss Made watches, with genuine diamonds and other semiprecious stones, at affordable prices for everyones taste and budget. The brand's story begins in 2002 when Christina started the with her first classic diamonds Swiss Made watches and later on has patented two locking systems (the t-bar and the dial’s disk), that allows women to personalize their Swiss Made watches according to their style. In the following years, she developed the watch that turns into a jewelry concept, but also the personalized bracelets collection, earrings with diamonds and other genuine stones, silver and yellow/pink gold-plated pendants, necklaces etc.

Due to details attention and quality, Christina Jewelry & Watches has received the honor to create unique Swiss Made watches for Queen and Prince of Denmark.

She succeeded, in just 14 years, to create a solid company, with more than 400 retailers that export these amazing jewelry in more than 25 countries.

Christina Jewelry & Watches has won countless international awards including:

  • 2007 – The most famous Swiss Made watches brand in Denmark
  • 2009 – The fastest-growing business in a short time
  • 2010 – The 1st Prize for Innovation in Horology
  • 2012 – The most credible business in the world.

At Romania, like in the countries below, Christina Diamonds SRL is the exclusive distributor of the Danish brand. All this time, we had satisfied and loyal clients to the Collect concept but, moreover, we enjoy the notoriety gained by the quality and uniqueness of the brand.

We invite you into Christina's Universe!